Galileo Software Suite for BE and NeMus products

Galileo clinical web iconGalileo is a database-centered, multidisciplinary software platform used for NeMus, BE Plus LTM, and BE Micro products. Enterprise-ready and with HL7 protocol compatibility, this software platform is suitable for any clinical environment, from a small clinic to a large hospital. (For sale in the US only.)


Depending on what hardware you purchase and what tests you need to perform, you can choose from several available software modules, including:

  • Clinical EEG/Video EEG
  • Cerebral Death Assessment and EEG in ICU
  • LTM and Epilepsy Surgery
  • Ambulatory EEG Recording
  • aEEG/CFM
  • Sleep Studies
  • Holter EEG/PSG
  • EMG and NCS
  • Evoked Potentials
  • Event Related Potentials and Cognitive Studies
  • Neurophysiological Monitoring (EEG with EP) for ICU
  • EEG in MRI environment

In addition, the EEG Browser and EEG2Go modules are the ideal way to manage neurophysiological data sharing and exchange. A user can review and work on any Galileo recordings on any computer without any software installation required.

Software Solutions

The Galileo platform is composed of several different software products that share the same database:

  • EEG – Based on .NET technology, EEG module is the most advanced and flexible EEG software on the market. Thanks to its integrated analysis tools (2D/3D Mapping, Spectral Analysis, DSA/CSA, CFM, Spike and Seizure Detection, PSG Analysis, and much more) it’s the ideal solution from routine to research applications.
  • EMG/NCS – An easy-to-use software package that includes routine and advanced EMG/NCS protocols and complete TMS integration.
  • EP – The simplest way to perform a wide range of EP studies (AEP, SEP, VEP, MEP, LEP, P300, CNV, and much more) with automatic Left-Right comparison.
  • ERP – A fully customizable software for all research centers that require an advanced solution for Cognitive studies.
  • ICU – A specific tool to perform complete neurodiagnostic monitoring with simultaneous EEG and SEP recordings.

Products that use Galileo software

BE Micro ambulatory EEG System
BE Plus LTM EEG System
NeMus 1 System for EMG, NCS, and EP
NeMus 2 System for EMG, EEG, EP, and ICU monitoring

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