BE Plus LTM EEG system

BE Plus LTM EEG long term monitoring deviceA flexible wired or wireless EEG system with either 36 or 68 channels using conventional EEG electrodes. Designed specifically for LTM applications, with wireless “out-of-range” data backup and file catch-up, giving patients total mobility. (For sale in the US only.)


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Seamless recording “out-of-range”Long term EEG monitoring software

BE Plus LTM offers a seamless wireless “out-of-range” data backup and file catch-up so that when the patient is temporarily out of range, BE Plus LTM can store the data in an internal memory. As soon as the patient is back in communication range, the backed up data is automatically appended to the EEG file. Total storage capacity on the amplifier is 8 hours of recording time.

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Galileo EEG.NET SoftwareBE Plus LTM cart for long term EEG monitoring

BE Plus LTM uses Galileo software, a database-centric, enterprise-ready software with powerful EEG analysis tools, including Filtering, Spectral Analysis, Trends and Mapping, Back Averaging, DSA/CSA, aEEG (CFM), and Burst Suppression. The software has complete HIS/HL7 compatibility for data sharing.


BE Plus LTM can be used for long term monitoring.

All BE Plus LTM Systems include:

  • BE Plus Amplifier unit
  • Power Supply for amplifier
  • Galileo Software License
    • Patient Management System
    • EEG.NET Acquisition and Replay
    • Data Browser Option
  • System Manual and Quick Start EEG Manual

Systems are fully customizable and options include:

  • Video EEG
  • Reading Stations
  • Carts
  • Computers and monitors

Important Notice:
The sale of medical devices is strictly regulated by national laws. Please check EGI's regulatory clearances or contact EGI to get the current regulatory status of EGI products in your country. This page is not an offer to sell a medical device in any country where its sale would be prohibited by national law.

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